Rodent Removal

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Identifying Rodent Infestations

Unless your rodent infestation is very severe, you may never actually see a rodent in your home. They are experts at remaining unseen and usually forage at night. The easiest way to determine if you have rodents in your home is to keep an eye out for signs that they have been in your home.

Rodent Droppings

Look for droppings in areas you store food such as pantries and cupboards. Other areas where you can usually find droppings are drawers and under the sink. Rodents need food and water to survive. The condensation in the pipes under the sink can be a good source of water.

Nesting Materials

Rodents like to use materials around your home to make their nest. Keep an eye out for shredded paper, fabric or dry plant matter in places they don’t belong. If you find pieces of roots and other plant material in your home and you didn’t bring it into the house, chances are it is being used to build nests.

Holes and Signs of Chewing

Rodents have very sharp teeth they use to get through almost anything standing between them and food. If you notice holes in your storage containers or on your food containers, you are most likely dealing with rodents. The holes can be small and look like packages were just accidentally pierced, so you need to be aware of any holes or signs of chewing


Effective Rodent Removal

According to the experts, any effective rodent control process needs to be easy, inexpensive and effective under a wide variety of conditions. This process is good news for any property owner dealing with rodents. Once your local pest control provider does an initial purge of the rodents in your property, you can find an effective and affordable program to keep the property rodent free in the future. All effective rodent elimination programs have three phases, sanitation, rodent proofing, and elimination.


Rodents need food to survive and multiply. If you remove the source of their food, they will move on to a new location. Before you even call an exterminator to come to your property, you should inspect your home inside and out to find the rodent’s source of food. Once you find it, remove it or put it in a rodent proof container. You need to remember, a plastic container may not do it, rodents have powerful and sharp teeth and can easily chew through most plastic. Be sure to look for something strong enough to keep the rodents away. If you are having a hard time finding the food source, your local pest control specialist will be able to work with you to find it. Just remember, no matter what you do, if there is still a source of food if your property, rodents will find their way in or any rodents in the property will quickly multiply.

Rodent Proofing

After eliminating the food source in your property, you need to make sure rodents can’t get into your home. You will never be able to

remove all sources of food, so you need to make sure rodents can’t find their way into your home. Rodents are experts at finding ways into a home if they smell food. They can fit into holes much smaller than their body size and can also use their sharp teeth to make small holes much larger. Instead of using tape to cover holes, use a special mesh metal screen that is stronger than the rodent’s teeth. The image to the left shows how using the wrong material to protect your home will do nothing to stop rodents. Your local pest control specialist will know what materials to use and how to use them. They also know what to look for and how to patch up your home so new rodents can’t get in.

Rodent Elimination

Once you have removed the rodent’s food source and made sure they can’t get into your home, you need to kill any rodents still in your home. One pregnant rodent can quickly reproduce and cause another infestation in no time. Your local pest control specialist will find where the rodents are living and place traps or poison to kill or capture them all. This step is tough to do if you do not have the experience necessary to find where the rodents are living. Placing poison or traps randomly around your home is not an efficient way to do this. Random placement of traps and poison can give the rodents time to reproduce before you can kill or trap them. It’s always best to work with an expert who can quickly deal with the rodents.

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