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Even though you may believe your home in Bakersfield is in good condition, the truth is that every home requires preventive pest control once in a while. Why? Pests come over without any warnings, in search of shelter and/or food. Finding a pest control service is more of a need than it is a want. This is where Same Day Pest Away comes into play to cope with these demanding situations.

If you’re facing a pest problem, calling Same Day Pest seems like the smartest move!

We’ve gained a large amount of demand from families who love healthy, smart, orderly, and immaculate homes without much hassle and headache of pests. It is all because they know we are their trusted source to find and connect with exterminators who will bring with them proficiency, innovative approach, latest techniques and equipment.

We take pride in connecting you with experts providing the best pest control service!

Our unmatched experience in this industry gives us an edge in Bakersfield CA. We can easily find you a pest control service provider who offers a full set of services right from bed bugs control, cockroach control, termite control and treatment to rodent control, mosquito control and more.

Call us for a consultation and we will connect you to experts, who will provide you with:

Cockroach Pest Control – In this service, a cockroach control spray is used to reduce infestation immediately. The treatment is carried out by the highest quality chemicals, which remain effective for cockroaches as well as ants.

Bed Bug Control – Before getting into the real bed bug pest control aspect, a detailed inspection of furniture and mattresses is carried out. A spray is applied in infected areas of your home to eliminate all the bed bugs. One needs to vacate the area for 4-5 hours as bed bugs can latch on to anything.

Mosquito Control – Same Day Pest Away will connect you with a trusted pest exterminator who will help you get rid of pest infestation. A 3-step mosquito pest control treatment is conducted their technicians. These insects are blocked from breeding indoors, while also killing them on contact 24×7 within your homes.

Termite Control – Using the DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique, a chemical barrier is created to exterminate termites during their movement.

Looking for experienced local pest exterminators? Call us anytime!

Backed by over a decade of experience in the industry, we have a broad network of skilled pest control experts who:

• Will go through a strict quality check to analyze their expertise in the field of pest control.
• take care of Hygiene and safety of clients
• Share knowledge with every customer so that your house remains pest free even after the services.
• Well-trained and experts in their field
• Share significant advice to avoid future infestations at home.

Just sit back and let the professional pest exterminator take away all your pest infestation worries. Contact us right away for the best pest control in Bakersfield CA!

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