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How should I select a good pest control (exterminator) in Las Vegas?

Exterminator Las Vegas

Las Vegas, a city with lots of exterminators.

Finding a reputable pest control specialist in Las Vegas can be difficult. You live in a large city where hotels and large tourist destinations have exclusive access to the best exterminators in Las Vegas. Does this mean you need to settle for a second rate exterminator? Of course not, with a little research, you can find a reputable and experienced exterminator who can help you with your pest control issue. 

The last thing you want to do is hire the first exterminator you find. Before you make your first call, we recommend you have a notebook, pen or pencil and are sitting in front of your computer or cell phone. These tools can help you quickly research the exterminator with whom you are speaking. You can also download of Exterminator Check List. Print out the checklist and use it to keep notes as you speak to the exterminator. Always remember to write down the name and phone number of the business so you can call them directly in the future. 

Experienced Exterminator in Las Vegas

Before you hire an exterminator, ask how long they have been in business in Las Vegas. You do not want to hire someone who just opened up shop or who just moved to the area. The Las Vegas Better Business Bureau is a good place to check to see if they have any complaints about how they perform their services. You can also look at the EPA web site to see if an exterminator has been fined or sanctioned for improper use of pesticides. If you have children and pets, you want to make sure you hire someone who has a good track record on safe pesticide use.


Don’t be afraid to ask your exterminator Las Vegas for a list of clients with whom they have recently done business. Then actually call the references and ask if they are happy with the service they received. If they do not want to give you any references, they may be trying to hide something. If they performed bad work for a previous client, you can never be sure if they will do the same for you. Yelp is also a good place to check the exterminator’s reviews. Call (833) 201-1866 while you are in front of a computer. Once you are connected to a local exterminator look them up in Yelp. If they have a low rating, you can hang up and call again, we will be sure to connect you to a different exterminator in Las Vegas.

Is the exterminator Certified and a Licensed Pesticide Applicator in Las Vegas, NV?

A good exterminator will be more than happy to show you their credentials. They will also be able to show you the labeled of the pesticides they are using so you can be sure the chemicals are safe for you and your family. For instance, if a pesticide says for outside use only, do not allow the exterminator to use it indoors, even if they tell you it is safe. If they insist on using pesticides inappropriately, tell them you no longer want them on your property and report them to the Nevada Department of Agriculture. The warnings on the labels are there for a reason, do not let anyone tell you they are wrong.

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