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About Bed Bugs in New York City

bed bug life cycle

Life Cycle

Bed Bugs are a huge problem in New York City due to a large number of people living in such close proximity. If you have bed bugs and live in NYC, give us a call. We can put you in touch with a local exterminator who will help you. We work with the best pest control specialists in NYC.

Bed bugs can feed on any animal, but prefer to feed on humans while they are sleeping. They do not live on humans; instead, they live in proximity to humans. When hungry, a bed bug will find a person and use its long beak to pierce the skin. They feed for about 10 minutes then go back to their hiding spot and will ingest their food for up to 10 days. Some people develop a red itchy welt within 24 hours but many people will either not develop a rash at all or will not develop one for many days. The delay can make it challenging to determine where you initially encountered the bed bug. If you do not form a rash, you may not even know you have a bed bug infestation in your home until you find one or someone else who does develop a rash stays in your home.

How to Identify Bed Bugs in NYC

bed Bug Sizes

Bed Bug Sizes – Fed v Unfed

Unless you know what to look for, bed bugs can be challenging to find. Bed bugs either flat broad and oval when unfed, but will become swollen and elongated once they have fed. Adult size bed bugs are about 1/4 inch long. Nymphs can range from 1.3mm to 5mm in length. They have two antennae and six legs. Unfed bed bugs are mahogany in color and will change in color to red-brown once they have eaten.

You can also identify bed bugs by the blood stains they leave on your bedding while they are feeding. Bed bug bites are painless while they feed so unless you develop welts, the only sign you may see is small blood spots on your pillow or bed sheets. They also leave dark rusty spots of feces on your bed sheets, box spring and other areas bed bugs usually hide.

It is usually easier to determine if you have bed bugs by the itchy welts they leave on your body after they feed. Bed bugs will usually feed on areas of your body that are exposed while you sleep. This includes your neck, shoulders and chest.

Where to Search

You can find bed bugs anywhere you can find people. Bed bugs are not picky about where they live. You can find them in homes, hotels, offices, stores, buses, trains and schools. They are very good at hitchhiking their way from one place to another. So if you stay at a hotel that has bed bugs, you can bring them back with you in your suitcases or even on your clothes.

In your home, beg bugs can usually be found living on your mattress or box spring because they have easy access to food throughout the night. If you think you have bed bugs in your home, this is the first place to search, especially the area where the box spring rests on the frame. You should also check any nooks and cracks in the bed frame. Screw holes and the areas where the wood or metal pieces meet are other places where bed bugs tend to live. If you have questions about where else you can look, call Bed Bug Exterminators NYC today.

Preventing Bed Bug infestation while living in NYC

Eradicating bed bugs can be tough so you want to make sure you don’t get them in the first place.  Most of the time bed bugs will attach to you or your property in a location outside your home and you will bring them into your home. This means you need to be vigilant where you sleep, sit or stay for extended periods of time. Avoiding bed bugs in NYC is tough, even if you are careful, all it takes is one person to get bed bugs in your building, and they can quickly spread to the entire building.


bed bugs in hotel rooms

Where to look for bed bugs in hotel rooms.

Hotels are a common place to pick up bed bugs. If you are going to stay in a hotel, we recommend you take a powerful flashlight so you can search for bed bugs before you bring in your suitcases.
Begin by gently removing the bedding from the mattress and inspecting the corners of the mattress and box spring. If the mattress has a crease, make sure to lift the mattress so you can use the flashlight to look into the crease. Then check the luggage rack, especially where the pieces are connected. If the headboard is attached to the wall, use the flashlight to shine light into the seam. You should also look behind paintings and nightstand.
If you do find bed bugs, ask management to move you to a new room that is not next to the infested room or if possible, get a room at a different hotel. Do not bring your belongings into the hotel room before you finish your inspection, bed bugs can attach themselves to your luggage in just a few seconds and may stay there until you get home. 

Eradication / Extermination

Bed bugs are very difficult to exterminate on your own. They can hide behind wallpaper, in electrical sockets, under furniture, in baseboards and other hard to find places. Not to mention nymphs, or baby bed bugs are only about the thickness of a dime and can have very light coloring. An experienced professional will be able to help you develop a game plan to eradicate all the bed bugs in your home, regardless of where they are living. In the meantime, you can start the process by clearing out access cloths or unwanted furniture. An experienced exterminator will attack the entire house at once. Do not let anyone tell you can do it one room at a time. This will not work as the bed bugs will just move from room to room.

If you live in an apartment building, you will need to work with your landlord. The landlord will need to come up with a plan to eradicate the bed bugs in the entire building at the same time. Otherwise, the bed bugs will move from one apartment to another.

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