Call now to speak with a pest control specialist to setup a game plan to deal with seasonal pests in and around your home.

Dealing with Pest Control Through the Seasons

The types of pests in and around your house will change throughout the year. You need to make sure you work with an experienced pest control specialist who knows what to target depending on the seasons. Some unscrupulous pest control companies will charge you to spray for pests that are not even active during some parts of the year. Why pay to have someone spray for mosquitos during the winter when they are not active? Make sure your pest control specialist only sprays or puts out bait targeting the pests specific to the season or spray as a preventative measure for upcoming pests. For instance, if you know you get lots of spiders in your home during the winter, the of fall can be a good time to spray and put out spider bait to make sure they don’t start to settle in for the winter.

We only work with experienced local exterminators who can help you plan a good offense against the pests that bother you. Schedule a home visit and plan when the exterminator should return to your home to help prevent seasonal critters from establishing themselves in and around your home. Remember, a it is easier to prevent an infestation than to try to deal with an established pest problem.